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16 August 2021
The new mini album "Abgeschiedenheit"  is released. 

1 January 2020
A new album is released. "Per Aspera Ad Astra" contains a selection of dark ambient and black lounge music (2007 - 2019).

21 December 2018
The new mini album "Aurora" is released.

21 June 2018
The new album "Bleak" is released.

11 November 2017
The new mini album "Ithyphallos (Satyr: The Paradigm Of Completion Through Overcoming)" is released.

21 March 2017

The new Erntegang album "Aeon (Windzeit, Wolfszeit)" is released.

21 March 2015
A new mini album, entitled "Hvel" is released.

6 October 2014
The new Erntegang album "Anthology: The Meager Years (2007 - 2014)" is released.

21 September 2014
The new Erntegang album "Anthology: The Meager Years (2007 - 2014)" awaits its release.

21 December 2013
S. Manteuffel decides to re-recorded  selected songs from Erntegang's past with a minimalistic instrumentation of mainly guitar and voice. The recordings shall form an anthology to be released  in the 7th anniversary of Erntegang's existence.

21 June 2012
M. Loerwig has left Erntegang in spring 2012. From now on, Erntegang is maintained as a one-man band.

15 March 2012
"Zwielicht" (lim. ed.) released by SkullLine after spring equinox on 22 March 2012

24 December 2011
New album "Zwielicht" in 2012! With "Zwielicht" Erntegang return to the roots of their debut album "Les danses macabres". "Zwielicht" is a Neo-Folk album literally: "Neo" for the avantgardistic pretension and "Folk" for the overall character of the music – simple, catchy and unpolished.

21 December 2011
"Raubzug" released by SkullLine
SkullLine has released Erntegang's Rest-Of album "Raubzug".

21 December 2011
Erntegang's new album "Zwielicht" is ready. It will be unleashed upon mankind in 2012.

28 August 2011
"Words of Love and Hate" released by SkullLine (lim. ed.)
SkullLine has released Erntegang's "Words of Love and Hate" album as a limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies. Details: http://www.skullline.de/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=600675

26 August 2011
New release: "Raubzug" - out now!
"Raubzug" is a compilation of new versions of rare tracks, sampler contributions, collaborations, and previously unleased tracks. This collector's item is released upon request for those wishing to complete their Erntegang collection.

16 May 2011
New album - Song preview
Preview of the tracks from the new album "Words of Love and Hate" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGKf0Npk6Ps
Check it out!

20 May 2011
New album "Words of Love and Hate" out now!
The new album "Words of Love and Hate" was released on Friday, 13th May, 2011. In contrast to previous Erntegang recordings, this time the album is focussed on rather personal issues, thus invoking a more intimate atmosphere. Join this emotional rollercoaster ride!

01 February 2011
The official :ERNTEGANG: website was closed in 2009 because Geocities have shut down their hosting service.
Now the old site is online again on Tripod. Information will be updated in the near future.

11 April 2010
In Memory of A. LaVey. Today we celebrate the 80th birthday of Church of Satan founder Anton Szandor LaVey (died 1997). Hail Satan!

04 January 2010
New release "Der Wanderer": Music preview available. A preview of each track of :ERNTEGANG:'s "Der Wanderer" can be listened to at www.lastfm.de.

21 December 2009
Audio book „Der Wanderer“ released.
M. Loerwig and S. Manteuffel have written a fairy tale entitled "Der Wanderer". It is available as an audio book on CD-R (spoken word recording, German language) and in written form (either b/w copy or PDF e-book).
Further, :ERNTEGANG: has made an ambient music album based on the fairy tale.

30 December 2009
New release: „Der Wanderer“ CD-R, 2009
“Der Wanderer” contains 46 minutes of ambient music. The album is based on the fairy tale "Der Wanderer" written by M. Loerwig and S. Manteuffel.

06 November 2009
SkullLine releases "Les danses macabres"
:ERNTEGANG:'s 2009 full-length album "Les danses macabres" was released by SkullLine as a limited edition recently. You may check it out at www.skullline.de

05 November 2009
The official :ERNTEGANG: site is closed because Geocities have shut down their hosting service. Curse upon them. Thus, www.myspace.com/erntegang remains the only official internet representation of :ERNTEGANG:

15 August 2009
New release: „Der Waldgang“ MCD-R & Video DVD-R, 2009
“Der Waldgang” (i.e. retreat into the forest) contains five different conceptions of the “Waldgang” theme. All versions feature the perception of the forest in its function as place of power.
The tracks on this compilation are arranged in a ritualistic/contemplative style. The recipient is encouraged to choose that version which suits his current meditative intention best. 
In addition to the CD, a video DVD containing visual support for the meditations is available.

16 April 2009
New song uploaded on MySpace: "Barrow Parker Memorial".

08 February 2009

Massive website update on MySpace:

24 January 2009
:ERNTEGANG: finishes recordings for the full-length CD "
Les danses macabres".

06 September 2008
New music video out now. Check out the brand new music video "Totentanz"!
Album "Les danses macabres" out soon.

08 August 2008
:ERNTEGANG: finishes work for the Mini-CD "
Die drei Aettir", containing an audio track and a video track.

15 July 2008
:ERNTEGANG: produces a video clip for the track "
Die drei Aettir" for meditation and ritual purpose.

09 September 2007
:ERNTEGANG: releases the track "Love and Women and War" for MILITARY : FETISH : MUZAK sampler.

01 August 2007
:ERNTEGANG: has recorded the ritual music track "
Die drei Aettir".

27 July 2007
:ERNTEGANG: profil on MySpace. Selection of three demo songs uploaded