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CD-R, 2017

Ithyphallos (Satyr: The Paradigm Of Completion Through Overcoming)

1. Introduction: Roaming The Woods (Prelude To The Chase)
2. The Dance Of Satyrs And Nymphs (The Great Work: The Principle Of Equilibrium)
3. The Well Of Fortune (The Vault Of Joy: The Principle Of Transformation)
4. Nymph (The Principle Of Beauty Through Unfolding)
5. Interludium (The Confrontation Of Opposites: Ways To Strength And Beauty)
6. Hymn To Pan (The Horned, The Horny, And The Adversary: The Principle Of The Will)
7. Ziblis (An Anacreontic Tale: The Paradigm Of Love And Women And War)
8. Aftermath: The Calm After The Storm

"Ithyphallos" contains 23 minutes of sinister Erntegang music.
Pagan odes to joy.
Listen at high volume!