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CD-R, 2012


01. Introduction
02. Barleycorn
03. Sword Of Reason
04. Muspell's Sons
05. Königskinder
06. Plastic Society
07. Salvation
08. Valentine
09. Intermezzo
10. Die zwei Raben
11. Nacht auf dem kahlen Berge
12. Ave Satanas

With “Zwielicht” Erntegang return to the roots of their debut album “Les danses macabres”. The musical style of “Zwielicht” covers a wide range: One can find moderate folk songs (“Barleycorn”, “Valentine”), hymns (“Muspell’s Sons”, “Ave Satanas”) and chamber music (“Sword of Reason”) together with invocations (“Salvation”) and shaman/tribal sounds (“Nacht auf dem kahlen Berge”). Sometimes Industrial influences and cacophonic elements are woven into the songs.
The musical implementation of the materials is prevailed by the fusion of traditional acoustic instruments and modern electronic sound devices.
Also the selection of the songs presented here reflects the linkage between tradition and present-day: Additionally to their own compositions Erntegang have also used traditional songs.  
The album portrays a journey in three chapters. It deals with various aspects of day and night. The lyrics range from anthems to the powers of prosperity via cynical appraisals and sarcastic-spiteful tirades up to the synopsis and appreciation of light and dark spheres of existence with localisation in a major context.
“Zwielicht” is a Neo-Folk album literally: “Neo” for the avantgardistic pretension and “Folk” for the overall character of the music – simple, catchy and unpolished.