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The Dance Of Death
Lyrics: S. Manteuffel

It’s a pale horse on which I do ride
Through all the ages, it’s been revealed
I follow your tracks, don’t try to hide
You’ve realized your fate is sealed

The blade of my scythe as sharp as a knife
Prepared for the strike that will never fail
And you know so well the limitation of life
Your days strictly measured, soon you will turn pale

Sowing and reaping is what you have done
Now you will be taken – it is your fate –
As you have been taking, your life soon gone
Regrets are just futile, it is too late

For new life to thrive the old one must die
The wheel of the law, it twists and it turns
Existence in cycles, you can not deny
The fire of life as it glows and it burns

It is your final song, come take my hands
Do not fear the reaper bringing your doom
Let’s join together the skeletal dance
I lead you down into your tomb

You have to acknowledge in destiny’s play
The meaninglessness of your personal role
The highest of prices you have to pay
It’ s all just about life as a whole