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Lyrics: S. Manteuffel

Shining, aflame you arise
Invoking the lust of my eyes
By the beauty in which you do thrive
Crowned with blossoms of fire
Gleaming red like desire
A sigh of nature’s perpetual strife

Without you the earth looks so bare
But anyway you are just rare
A beautiful flower that is here
Petite yet magnificent you are
Though you are seen from afar
A flower of grace that is held dear

Slim stalks and tiny buds you do show
And petals like the sunset you grow
Your fragrance a promise of wealth
Your appearance is lovely to see
Splendid, full of elegance, and free
A symbol for prosperity and health

Your marvellous shape is so fine
The splendour and beauty is thine
You are the adornment of the house
I want you to rise and to shine
So joy and pleasure is mine
Merriment for me to arouse

Charmed by the spell that you cast
Enchanted, my yearning will last
You flourish and unfold in full bloom
By your tender limbs’ gentle touch
I find myself caught in a clutch
Your presence has sealed boredom’s doom

A wonderful dream to prevail
Of green and red, and of pale
And when the dream may come to an end
A beautiful start shall be at hand
Of the best things that I’ve ever had
With fine music, wine, and lilies of red