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Letter From The Future
Lyrics: S. Manteuffel

Crippled with age I’m lying on my deathbed
Waiting for Hel’s cold embrace
Taking my chance to send you one last message:
I truly hate you

You who has cursed me to my impending joyless ride to oblivion
You who has betrayed one thousand dreams, going down the drain
You who has turned many beautiful dreams into ghastly nightmares

How pitiful, all the wasted opportunities
How disgraceful, all those tears in vain
After all those years I still wonder what kind of shit gave you life
All the suffering, all the fear and pain has not been necessary, it seems
When I look at the bitter end
What a shameful waste of resources and energy

There have been many chances to avoid my misery
Cowardly and inertly you have let them all pass by

Even now
When you read this
It is already too late to make me undone
I hate you!

Why should I spare you from the ugly truth
When all the lies won’t make you happy anyway
Why should I have compassion for you
When – as it has been said – god himself has had no compassion for his creation