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Muspell’s Sons
Lyrics: S. Manteuffel

Sparks on the top of the mountain
Sparks in the deep pits of hell
Sparks from fortune’s fountain
Sparks that no one can tell

Sparks in the dead of the night
Sparks in the chill and the mist
Sparks from a distant dim light
Sparks from the warrior’s fist

Sparks in the heart of a lion
Sparks in the bold one’s strong hand
Sparks in the hall of smith’s iron
Sparks for the final stand

Sparks from old lucky charms
Sparks in the splendour of might
Sparks from the sharp blades of arms
Sparks in the clash of the fight

Sparks from unchained desire
Sparks in the hall of the slain
Sparks from the inmost fire
Sparks of pleasure and pain

No sparks from the rusty broken sword
No sparks in the heart of the sad
No sparks from the long-forgotten word
No sparks in the eyes of the dead