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Nymph (The Principle Of Beauty Through Unfolding)
Lyrics: S. Manteuffel

Priestess of lifeforce
Shield the water of life
Bring beauty through order
Merriment and strife

Fair maiden of the wild
Invoker of lust
Shine agleam tender beauty
Arise from the dust

Nature's dear child
O mistress of the well
Enchantress of my senses
Rise up and cast your spell

Start your sacred dance
You flower-adorned bride
Sing in praise of the life
Of fertility and delight

The Satyr that chases you
He is righteous but rude
With his passion so wanton
His manners may seem crude

His two horns pointed up
And a third one as well
Lecherous and greedy
His desire to swell

You are the fire of the loins
The yearning of the mind
The pleasure of the flesh
Life's mystery to find

Your flesh is of the earth
Your blood is of the sky
Soul of everlasting youth
That never shall die

Keeper of wisdom
Of ages old, forgotten
Bliss to the bold one
But a curse to the rotten

Sweet companion of the gods
Guard my life's road
For I am, too, a Satyr:
Both man and a goat