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Waldgang (MMXIV)
Lyrics: S. Manteuffel

After you have entered the forest, a vast plane opens.
You notice the frozen presence of suppressed aspects.
In the foggy twilight you are confronted with your shadow.

You stumble further on.
You become aware of the forces of destruction.
You visualize physical power streaming out of the rocks into your body.

Stomping you continue your way through the forest.
Everywhere you realize decay.
You feel an emanation of energy flowing from the underworld into your being.

You crawl further on through the forest.
You think about the process of transformation of lower grades into superior grades.
Chthonic energy streams from the soil into your body.

You creep forward.
The whole atmosphere seems like everyday life.
You become aware of your persona.

You walk on through the forest.
The light of reason permeates you.
You feel the forest light enlightening your mind and clearing your intellect.

You step forward through the forest.
You experience the flowing of emotions.
You visualize a fertilizing current beaming from the branches into your abdomen, and you become joyfully exited.

You slide further on your way.
The fire of intuition flashes through your being.
Sparks from the fire ball burn the gift of intuition into your mind.

Gleaming you continue your way through the forest.
Your consciousness unites with your higher self.
Energy streams from the skies enable you to be at one with cosmos.
You are past, present, and future.

Levitating you reach the end of the forest and you enter a vast ocean.
You foresee the inevitableness of the unspeakable serpent in the depth.